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Lighting Industry


Janistha Lighting Industry Services

Janistha India pvt limited is providing its Lighting solutions which include indoor lighting and outdoor lighting for domestic lighting, commercial workplace and industrial lightings. It is extensively present in the the domestic lighting with its novel products including the decorative lightings.

As designers and creators, we make sure that our products can deliver quality, which is ultimately led by our design and technical knowledge. For over years we have fused cutting-edge technology with our deep understanding of lighting design to create innovative products

We majorly prioritize on technology and its safety. Being energy-efficient and environmentally-conscious We involved in LED technology to reduce the carbon foot print and reduce the energy expenditure by providing all types of LED lighting products in the domestic segment like LED Panels, surface Panels, down lights ,decorative lights even decorative lighting and also we provide our products in outdoor lighting like gate lamps, street lights , flood lights, high bay lights.

We involve in continuous research to provide eco-friendly products where the customers and the environment to be benefitted.

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Our Mission

To uphold our responsibilities of delivering highest standard services to all segments of society without compromising on our core values of integrity, good ethics.

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Our Vision

To become a innovative global enterprise in LED Lighting manufacturing segment and our aim is to be a growing company, driven by experiencing the true sense of self-respect.

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A new era in lighting!

Our suite of LED luminaires were developed using combined advice from acclaimed architects, lighting designers and engineers. With product ranges that embrace the advantages of LED technology, we provide advanced lighting solutions for architectural and landscape illumination.


Domestic Lighting

The manner in which your home is lit can make a huge difference to the way it looks and feels. However, choosing the right kind of light products and solutions can sometimes be a bit tricky as there are several different types of domestic lighting solutions available. Naturally, having a basic understanding of these various different options will make it easier for you choose suitably appropriate light products for the various rooms inside (and outside) your home.

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Commercial Lighting

Be it a small workplace, huge manufacturing unit or a retail store; lighting fixtures have been illuminating the commercial sector for the past many decades. Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a world without lighting fixtures. Over the time, lighting fixtures have also evolved a lot, transforming into better versions every time. For instance, the commercial sector is now focusing heavily on LED lighting solutions that not only offer great illuminance but also offer the benefits of futuristic technology like IoT.

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Industrial Lighting

Factories are places of heavy-duty work and so there is a need to use lights that are sturdy enough to withstand extreme working conditions and high temperatures while consuming less energy. Across the globe, energy conservation is considered one of the most important concerns, and Our energy efficient and smart lighting solutions for industries significantly contribute to conserving energy and provide for environmental sustainability. At the same time, ergonomic quality of industries is crucial for efficient performance of visual tasks.

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